Garage slab is not a part of building itself but we at Alberta cribbing ltd has planned, installed and cured this type of construction project carefully so that you can enjoy the crack free garbage slabs and do not bear the problem of poor performance in any climate even under toughest conditions also. You will get the high standard of quality without raising your project prices. For us no project is small or big, we believe it’s a platform for us where we can show our quality and work and from our work only we can get other projects. .

Usually we installed a 6-inch thick slab which weights around 75 psf so that it can bear the heavy weight also such as vehicles. Before installing the slabs we made thick and solid base so as to provide consistent support to the slabs because if one part settles more than another, then slab will bend and it will get cracked after sometime. Our trained professionals are well familiar with all these conditions so they well-compacted those areas that have been engrave deeply. We don’t use too dry or too wet soil for setting up these slabs, even before setting the slabs our professions test a handful -soil for testing its moisture level.

We have trained our professionals for every single thing that has to be take care while setting these slabs. If you want to hire any constructional service then you can call us at 780-707-8506 and even take an advantage of free quote also. .

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Alberta cribbing offer full range of cribbing services such as pile, slab etc.

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